10 Things To Continue Doing After Lockdown

So Lockdown has finally been eased, to say I'm super excited is an understatement. Lockdown

has been ongoing since March 25th. The government warned us not to leave home unless we

were key workers or had to shop for essential items.

1. Make sure your meetup with the friend or family member you have been planning for several months. I think one of the biggest challenges for all of us during lockdown was the limited or no contact with loved ones, do not wait until you appreciate them, spend as much time with them as you can.

2. Stick to the healthy/excercise routine exercise is so important to our overall mental well being and health and I have to admit before lockdown with a busy schedule I struggl to keep to my healthy lifestyle.

I have since realised since the lockdown began having our daily walks/ bike rides really does make an overall difference to our well-being and happiness.

3. Friendships/relationships that no longer serve you, do not go back, keep it moving. If they have reached out to you or vice versa I think the best thing is to keep it moving, during this awful pandemic if neither parties checked on one another it is more than likely that it was for the best and that person reached their limit in your life.

4. The place you have always wanted to travel to BOOK NOW!

In much of the world, coronavirus lockdowns are being eased – and the UK is no exception. Some normality is returning with the re-opening of businesses and public spaces. Any place that you have always wanted to travel to, or had to put on hold due to COVID-19 book now, we do not know if the pandemic will return this winter so don't wait any longer.

5. Complete studies

6. Save money and organize your finances

7. Volunteer in the local community social/ political activism

9. Spirituality/meditation.

Any more things that you can continue doing after lockdown?