10 things I Will Do After Lockdown

During the lockdown, I have had a lot of time to reflect on life and what matters. The lockdown has clarified so many things about my life present and future. I am grateful for having had more free

time to organise my life. Below is a list of things I will do once the lockdown is over.

  1. Stop procrastinating if you have wanted to do now is your time, there is no time like the present, stop stalling better to start and take it one step at a time.

  2. Spend more time with loved ones, 2020 there have been a lot of losses globally we need to cherish our loved ones while they are still here.

  3. Less time on phone /social media, there is so much more to life than social media, however, the last few years globally we use it more than ever now engaging more in new hobbies is beneficial.

4. Use 24 hours in a day productively write down your plan for a day, set targets, aim to fulfill them.

5. Grow spiritually during COVID- 19 it was tough for everyone with so much uncertainty, my spiritual life is very important to me along with my spiritual practices (not religious) are a way of life .

6. Choose my battles wisely, I have realized that many things do not require a reaction from me so I will not respond unless it is necessary .

7. Do not force relationships/ friendships, although conflict is normal in relationships and nothing is ever perfect, although I do not believe it should not be hard work

8. Spend more time in nature does wonders for the soul helps to reduce stress, anxiety worry, etc, and also helps your physical health.

9. Read more books due to the extra time I had, something I was lacking in recent months. reading has increased my vocabulary, opened my mind, and helped distract me

10 . Eating healthy /exercising we have all heard the phrase our body is our temple so when I eat and exercise well I feel great.

Can you think of any more?

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