10 Signs He's Wasting Your Time!

Dating life today can be complex today, one minute its all going well and then his ghosted you lol. Let's face it we have all been in relationships that were not going anywhere, red flags are often ignored. Here are 10 signs that he is going to waste your time.

  1. Inconsistency hot and cold, one minute messaging and calling you constantly,then next he dissapears for days. Consistency will tell you exactly how he feels about you.

  2. Never initiates contact you are not a priority in his life.

  3. No relationship title after dating for a while If a guy doesn’t see a future with you, he is likely to string you along untill he meets someone else.

4 . There is no relationship growth: since day 1 no progression what so ever.

5. Secretive, you know very little about his life: being open and vulnerable is an indication your partner does not see you as long term.

6. Does not take you out on dates: if a guy is invested in you, he wants to go out of his way to impress you. No dates means he is not invested in you.

7. No introducing you to friends/family chances are he doesn't see you as long term.

8. Cancels repeatedly you make plans in advance to meet up, however often a no show.

9. Gut feeling something deep down inside you is telling you something is wrong that it probably is.

10. He’s not curious about your life rarely asks many questions involving you.

Can you think of any more signs that he is wasting your time?

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