10 Signs He likes You!

So, when it comes to relationships deal breakers it is safe to say that we all have different requirements, although it is safe to say some things are universal.

  1. Good communication is important when he makes you a priority however busy. Frequently finds little ways to text you, call you. You have your language, pet names etc.

2. Meet Loved ones spending time with family/friends demonstrates that he cares for you. These are the most important people in his life and he wants to share you with them.

3. Fun the relationship just flows peacefully and you’re both on the same page. You enjoy spending time together and you bring out the best in each other, plus the good outweighs the bad.

4. Asks about your life taking a keen interest in your family/friends as well.

5. Opens up about personal life gives and confides in you.

6. Attentive remembering things you say, he takes mental notes.

7. Gazed in to your eyes. This is not your average look, stares at you.

8. Spends alot of time with you,no matter how busy he is.

9. Makes future plans with you.

10. Buys you gifts.

Are there anymore that you can think of ?

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