10 Reasons Why You Should Keep Relationship Private

There are so many benefits to keeping your relationship private see below.

1. Not everyone will be happy for you

Unfortunately, your happiness may become someones else's misery not everyone will celebrate you union.

2.You open up to the opinions of others

People will advise you according to their own experience, and bitter usually speak the loudest. Listening to others can mean you don't trust your own opinion .

3.Breaking up is easier

Breaking up will be a lot easier if fewer people know your business, no explanations are needed.

4. Less pressure

No questions asked by family and friends about marriage/children.

5.Your relationship is yours

Not your friends, family, work colleagues

it is sacred.

6.You only need your own validation

7. No social media scrutiny


9. No chance of friend stealing man

10. If you want an easier breakup

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