10 1st Date Topics NOT To Discuss !

Let's face it dating in 2020 is completely different from what it used to be, you never know what YOU ARE GOING TO GET! from gender role expectations to meeting a serial dater or commitment-phobe. Through my personal experiences as well as friends below are 10 recommendations of topics you should stay away from discussing on the first date.

10 1st DATE DO NOT DO !

  1. Personal grudges

  2. Insecurities

  3. Family upbringing

  4. Past relationships and breakups

  5. Past sexual experiences

  6. Insecurities

  7. Keep checking phone

  8. Come on too strong

  9. Financial earnings / investments

Do Discuss !
  • Weather

  • Career

  • Travels

  • Food

  • Hobbies

Anymore suggestions ?

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